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Sue Glynn

Senior Property Manager

A lover of all things related to property, Sue Glynn is a property manager with practical knowledge and boundless energy who will not rest until her clients are satisfied. She earnt her stripes in a variety of roles, which have combined to make her a property manager with a unique and highly valuable skill set.

As a sales agent, Sue honed her negotiation skills to a fine art. She now uses these skills to secure optimal rent for her client’s properties. With killer social media and communication skills, Sue gets the word out about properties to the widest possible audience of potential tenants. As a result, she has earnt a reputation for leasing properties with blinding speed and for premium prices.

Sue has excellent instincts. She is highly selective when screening tenants for her clients’ properties. Sue understands what valuable asset tenants are being entrusted with and makes sure her clients’ properties are well maintained and suitably looked after.

Having completed renovations herself, Sue is in an excellent position to advise clients about necessary changes and repairs to their property. She can even oversee these repairs and renovations, ensuring the job gets done properly and economically. She’ll work hard to make sure that property expenses do not eat up property returns.

Rent is collected on time and Sue will take the time to conduct rental income reviews every year to ensure that clients’ properties continue to make the returns they deserve.

In addition to having an ongoing job training, Sue is proactive about learning. She can often be found with her head buried in course studies or upskilling to ensure that her formal qualifications match her numerous practical skills.

Sue is a people person, with an amiable nature that makes it easy for her to form positive relationships with her clients and tenants. Warm, friendly, honest, and forthcoming, people are naturally drawn to Sue and her lilting Irish accent.

When Sue isn’t overseeing the little details of her client’s investments, she can be found spending time with her much loved daughter and Chihuahua.


  • 2014/2015 - Best Social Media Presence - Runner up
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