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Tenant Information

Renting with Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent 

Moving in? 

Moving in to a new home can be a stressful time – Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent is here to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

First you need to return your completed and signed yellow copy of the Residential Tenancy Condition Report to our office in Coxs Road. You must do this within 7 days from the start of your tenancy.

If you don’t return the yellow copy within 7 days, this copy will not be accepted. This means that at the end of your tenancy, we will use the agent’s copy only.

Changing the locks

If you wish to change the locks, you must put your request in writing (email or letter) to Ray White North Ryde Real Estate.

All lock change expenses are your responsibility. As soon as the locks have been changed, you must leave a set of keys at our office.

Moving out? 

Has you lease expired? 

If your lease has expired and you want to move out, you need to give us 21 days notice in writing.

Is your lease still current? 

If your lease has not yet expired and you want to move out, you’ll need to phone the Ray White North Ryde Estate Agent office on 02 9889 0266 or email the office. We’ll be able to tell you what the required notice period is for your lease

Repairs Trouble Shooting Guide

Before submitting your repair request, please use the following guide:

There is NO POWER

1. Have you contacted the electricity supplier? (There may be a fault in the street.)

2. Has the safety switch been tripped? If so, reset the switch.

If the safety switch trips again after resetting:

1. Unplug all appliances from power points.

2. Reset safety switch/

3. Plug in appliances one at a time until you locate the faulty appliance is located.

3. Have you checked the fuse box for a blown fuse?

Still no electricity? Call Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent on 02 9889 0266.

NOTE: Tenants will be required to pay for callouts where a faulty appliance belonging to them has caused the problem


Gas water heaters

1. Have you lit another gas appliance to check if there is gas supply to the rest of the house?

If there is no gas anywhere in the house, call the gas supplier.

2. have you checked that the pilot flame is burning?

You can check the pilot flame by looking through the opening in the top of the front cover of the water heater (indoor models) or by removing the access cover (outdoor models).

Relight the pilot flame according to the instructions on the inside of the access cover.

Electric water heater 

1. Is the electricity switched on?

2. Has the switch marked ‘hot water’ on your power board tripped? If so, switch it back on.

Still no hot water/ Call Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent on 02 9889 0266 

Water leaking from the hot water system 

1. If the carpet/floor is wet, sponge and dry the area thoroughly.

2.  Regularly mop the area and turn off the isolation tap and the ‘hot water’ electrical switch on the main electrical board until a tradesman arrives.

 If your water heater is leaking, call Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent immediately on 02 9889 0266

The cook top is not working 


1. Are the connections loose or dirty? Clean away any grease or build-up.

2. Is the stove-top clean and free from food or grease build-up?


1. Is there electricity supply to the property?

2. Has the safety switch on the power board tripped?

The oven has stopped working

1. Have you checked the power isolation switch is turned on? (The power isolation switch is usually situated on the kitchen splash-back wall).

2. Have you set the clock on the display? (Some ovens will not work unless the clock has been set.)

The dryer has stopped working 

Warning! Please ensure your filter is clean each time you use the dryer. Failure to clean the lint filter can cause fire. 

1. Is the power on? If yes, try re-setting the dryer by pressing the re-set button located on the outer-edge opening of the dryer

2. Is the dryer overloaded? If so, remove some items

3. Is the lint filter clean? Clean the filter after each use.

4. Is air temperature hot when the dryer is running? If not, there could be a faulty element in the dryer.

Dryer still not working call Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent immediately on 02 9889 0266

Maintaining the swimming pool 

1. At all times keep the water level of the pool at a level that allows water to flow continuously through the skimmer boxes. Failure to do this could cost you a lot of money as it could cause the pool pump to burn out.

2. Do not allow any metal objects in the pool as this could cause corrosion marks

3. Do not allow animals in the pool as this creates a chemical imbalance

4. Regulary test the PH level to prevent mould or fungus forming in the pool

5. Vacuum the pool at least once a week to keep pool clear of debris. Vacuum more regularly if the pool is subject to a high level of leaf filter.

6. Regularly check the pump to make sure motor is working correctly and efficiently- a funny noise from the motor could indicate a problem.

7. Regularly check around the pump to make sure ther is no water pooling or leaking – this could indicate a cracked casing.

Warning! Faulty pool gates can lead to death or injury. It’s your responsibility to advise us immediately if the pool gate is not shutting properly. This could save lives. 

Always remember to keep the pool fence clear of climbable objects that children could use to climb over & access the pool area.  

Children should always be supervised by an adult when using a pool.

It is your responsibility to let us know if there are any problems with the pool. Call Ray White North Ryde Real Estate Agent on 02 9889 0266 or email us as soon as you become aware of a problem.

Have an urgent repair?

If you experience any of the following emergencies, you must phone the Ray White North Ryde office immediately:

  • A bust water service
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • A serious roof leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Storm or fire damage
  • A failure of breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • The total breakdown of any essential services on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering
  • Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure
  • A blocked or broken lavatory system that leaves you without any toilet facilities.
  • A gas leak

Who to contact in an emergency 

If you have an emergency repair that happens after hours and you can’t wait until our office is open on the next working day, you can contat one of the trades people listed below.

Electrician Duckworth Electrical 0418 673 299 / 98732730

Plumber Jet Force Plumbing 0414 380 713

Plumber Ezy Plumbing Solutions 0415 886 345

Locksmith Buffalo Lock & Key 98090294

Locksmith Alert Locksmiths 9418 9277

Carpets ( e.g. flooding) Finch’s Carpet Cleaning 9876 6476

Carpets ( e.g. flooding) Shift Carpets 0407 973 130

If you have a gas leak contact AGL on 131 245

Ingoing Condition Report

It is the tenant’s responsibility to return the signed yellow copy of the Residential Tenancy Condition Report to our office within seven (7) days of your tenancy commencing. Should you fail to return the report within the required time it will not be accepted and the agents copy will be referred to at the end of tenancy.


If you wish to change the locks, a request must be placed in writing before permission is granted and the agent must be supplied immediately with a set of keys for all new locks. The cost will be at the tenant’s expense.


If you wish to install any hooks in the walls, a request must be placed in writing before permission is granted. Please provide a detailed diagram for the owner’s knowledge where each hook shall go. Any damage caused by the installation of the hooks or from them coming away from the wall must be rectified by the tenant when the premises are vacated.

Change of Shared Tenancy

New tenants cannot move into a property until the following process has been completed

Where there is a tenant or tenants who wish to vacate a property and a tenant or tenants wishing to remain at the property and continue the tenancy, there are several steps which must be adhered to ensuring that the owners instructions are obtained and the bond is successfully transferred to the occupying or incoming tenant/s.

1. The tenant/s wishing to vacate the property must provide their intention to vacate in writing individually to the agent.

2. Any new tenant/s wishing to move into the property must complete an application for tenancy form and submit to the agent for reference checking and the owners approval prior to moving into the property.

3. The agent will notify the prospective tenant/s whether the application/s have been approved by the owner

4. Should the application/s be approved by the owner, the agent will secure a time with the occupying tenant/s for an exit inspection of the property in accordance with the condition report.

5. A transfer of bond Form for the current tenant/s and new approved tenant/s to sign will be delivered at this time. Once the exit inspection is agreed upon by all parties the bond can proceed to be transferred.

6. The new tenant/s moving into the property are required to pay the vacating tenant/s their share of the bond money and at the same time, sign the bond lodgment form and return to the agent in its original format

7. Upon receipt of this document and in conjunction with the owners approval the agent will sing the Bond Transfer Form and submit to the Rental Bond Board

8. A new condition report will be provided for the new tenancy and is required to be checked by the current tenants, any additional comments made and returned to the agent within the required time frame

Break Lease Information

As per the Residential Tenancy Act, you are responsible to pay compensation for loss of rent up until another tenant is found and legally commences his or her tenancy, or until the lease ends, which ever occurs first.

You are also responsible to pay one weeks rent being the Agents letting fee.

Additional to this, you may be required to pay for any shortfall in rent paid by the new tenant if the demand has dropped and the premises has been re-let at a reduced rent, until the end of the original fixed term period.


Please be advised that tenants are not covered under the landlord’s insurance policy for tenant’s personal possessions. We recommend to all of our tenant’s to insure your own contents against theft, fire, water damage etc.